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This is where we write about our experience with multi level marketing (MLM) as a viable home based business.

I started with a nutritional products company 20+ years ago. I learned about network marketing from a top direct marketer. This was long before the internet became a major marketing platform.

I still use offline marketing to grow my business. I also use social media – but not in the usual “spammy” way most people do it.

Contact me if you would like to talk about how multi level marketing  (MLM) works and what it takes to get started. Book a FREE 15-minute call with me. Ask me how I build my business offline as well as online.

When you request a call I will get back to you PERSONALLY and introduce myself to you. I promise not to sell you. All I want to do is to add value for you.

You can ask me any question. I’ll give you candid answers.



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  1. Hi, this is Ken.

    Feel free to comment here. Ask me why multi level marketing is still the best way for a new entrepreneur to start a business from home.

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